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Blog template updated to Blogger Beta.

Before this blog could be revived, it had to go through "The Change" - from the old Blogger template (which was nicely personalized with the graphics and pretty whatnot) to the new "Blogger Beta-that's-no-longer-beta." We are officially switched and good to go. But if you notice any quirks? Let me know, ok?

"Quirks" = the layout... not my writing. Sorry.


This blog is not dead. Oh no. It was just taking a break because its author couldn't give it the full attention it deserved while packing, selling one house, moving halfway across country, making an offer on two new houses before finally buying the third that didn't have any problems with no-longer-relocating sellers or failed inspections, moving, decorating for Christmas, un-decorating for Christmas (mostly), suffering a bout of bronchitus and finally watching her body revolt and decide it's going to secede from the union and run things its own way (see PCOS post, here.)

Aiming to re-launch in March. I unpacked my book...