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Cosmos in Chaos (Part II)

Ok, so I didn't see many comments from the last post and I wondered if maybe I ended that last post the wrong way? I totally didn't mean to go all Martha on you and say that your homes should be "art" or that you need to work on them or make them into Better Homes and Gardens or anything.

Disclaimer: I told you when this started that I'm bad at verbalizing things... I'm apparently all about the visuals, remember?

Anyway, I don't want anyone to think I'm asking for photos of a "beautiful" house. I mean, you can certainly email me photos of your beautiful house if you want. I love pictures! But what I was really trying to go for was the idea of finding beauty in the common, you know? It goes back to the "Cosmos in Chaos" that Madeleine L'Engle talked about in Walking on Water and the idea that if you can find any aspect of beauty or good or peace or "cosmos" (I love that term) then that art is "good" in t…

Art on Hold

Yeah. So, um... Hi. I'm not sure what to say because it's been so long. I started this blog with really high hopes and lots of ideas. The reality of our move set in and things happened and now it's October. I just typed out an explanation of what things have been like and why I've been absent. But it felt really wrong for this space. Over the last two months, since we've moved into our new place in Cincinnati (we moved from Maryland to Ohio in August) I have had zero creative time. My work room is a mess of bags and boxes. I haven't had my hands in the ink and glue for literally months. And apparently I've really missed it, though I didn't realize it until today. Or I guess I already knew I missed it, but didn't realize why until today.

Today, we found our new church. To be honest, we haven't been to church since we've been here. We knew we didn't want to go back to Vineyard* but we didn't know where to go otherwise. Th…