Art on Hold

Yeah. So, um... Hi. I'm not sure what to say because it's been so long. I started this blog with really high hopes and lots of ideas. The reality of our move set in and things happened and now it's October. I just typed out an explanation of what things have been like and why I've been absent. But it felt really wrong for this space. Over the last two months, since we've moved into our new place in Cincinnati (we moved from Maryland to Ohio in August) I have had zero creative time. My work room is a mess of bags and boxes. I haven't had my hands in the ink and glue for literally months. And apparently I've really missed it, though I didn't realize it until today. Or I guess I already knew I missed it, but didn't realize why until today.

Today, we found our new church. To be honest, we haven't been to church since we've been here. We knew we didn't want to go back to Vineyard* but we didn't know where to go otherwise. The astrick is to note that we very seriously love the Vineyard. To me, it will always be my church "home." It's where I came to know Christ and it's where we attended when we lived in Cincinnati before. But it's pretty far away now. And Rusty and I have really been wanting to go to a local church that was involved in the community in which we live. Which is interesting because I can see now that we are wanting to practice the things we spent years learning from Vineyard -- to love and serve our community in the name of God. Our community is now just a bit farther northeast than it used to be. But I digress... our "new" church and why it's relevant to this blog and my creativity.

As I was saying, I knew I missed making art. I know I'm a visual person, to a fault at times. I figured I needed to create to get around the mess that this move has created. There are boxes and paint pans and rollers all over the place. There are hampers of clothes in the family room waiting to be gone through and either washed and put away or stored. It's just chaos. My art soothes the chaos in my life. So I knew I wanted to start creating again. But today, sitting in church and feeling a connection to the music and what the pastor was saying I realized that my desire to create wasn't about soothing me and my neurosis. It's about God and being able to connect to him in what is, for me, the most basic and personal way. My desire to create isn't a desire to "make stuff" as much as it is a desire to open myself up to God and glorify Him by creating. By sharing with Him that role of "Creator." And by being able to see so obviously that my creations aren't my own but my interpretations of my faith in God, my love for Him and my relationship with Him and with others.

Ok. So. Now I know the problem. But the simple fact is that my work room is a huge mess. I have no desk or table as of yet. And there are other, more important parts of this house that need to finish being unpacked or painted or whatever so they are usuable first. So where does that leave me? Well... I think that leaves me to start understanding that I need to practice what I preach (or... type. As the case may be.) This blog started on the premise that art is anything that creates, whether that creation is a scarf or garden or even a feeling or emotion. I am in the process of creating our new home within our new house. There are walls to be painted and furniture to be refinished. There are walls to be decorated and boxes to be unpacked. Because creating a home is creating a place for our family and friends to feel loved and taken care of.

So I'll go with that. And I'm so thankful that during today's service at church I really really felt God saying He missed me too.

I apologize for letting this go. I do want to get back into the study of the book... once I find it. But for now, this is it. So what does that mean for you? Well, you're not off the hook. Please, send me photos of things you love about your home. A corner you love to relax in. A wallcolor that makes your day every time you walk into the room. A piece of furniture you've painted or refinished or just salvaged and use as is (I have quite a bit of that.) Send me photos of what makes your home special to you - indoors or outdoors or even way outdoors. Sometimes is the neighborhood or city in which you live that makes any space you use "home." Let me see the artistry of your home and hospitality!


Betsy said…
"I really really felt God saying He missed me too."

That is perfectly lovely! And what a nice feeling to have. Welcome back again to blogland, I've missed you.
Jodi said…
I'll see about getting you a picture as soon as I am comfy and inspired in my own home...yikes it's trashed. What church did you settle on.....bummer...will miss you at if I ever saw you there. LOL....

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