[Mostly] Finished workroom

After all this time, I'm finally posting.  And finally got around to taking some photos.  I keep meaning to post them but stuff kept coming up (like tearing apart the master bath... and the furnace deciding to stop working...)  Then I stumbled upon this post at Between Naps on the Porch, which is one of the blogs I read when I get a chance.  These link "parties" are always cool to take a bit to browse because you get some really great ideas from other people you would never otherwise meet in real life!

Now, thanks to Laurie, I read quite a few home decor and DIY blogs.  But have never posted photos or linked to them.  I love to look but it never occurs to me to share my stuff with anyone else.  And when I saw HomeGoods I got a little sniffy because I loved HomeGoods when we lived in Maryland (their Waugh Chapel store misses me, I'm sure.)  But as far as I knew, we didn't have a HomeGoods in Cincinnati.  Every time I'd happen to catch David Bromstead on HGTV he seemed to be taunting me with his HomeGoods shopping trips.  So I almost passed over the ad.  But?  I was wrong, I decided to check their site and there is a HomeGoods in Cincinnati, and not too far from us!  I see a trip to Harper's Point sometime in the not-too-distant future.  Fun! **If you're not familiar, HomeGoods is to housewares and home decor what TJMaxx is to clothing and shoes.  Both stores are great for finding bargains... and both stores have ruined me for paying regular price anywhere anymore**

So, on that note... this is my workroom!  I would never have thought to call it a "Mom Cave" but I am a mom and I do tend to hide out in here when things get too loud or I'm stressing out.  So I don't care what I call it as long as I get to play when I need to.  This room had been a study next to the garage, away from the rest of the house so I can hammer stuff, play music and make noise late at night without bothering anyone.

Not sure why this one has such funky lighting... My sister found that metal Guinness sign in her basement when she moved into her new house.  Perfect magnet board :)  My tools and supplies are hanging from bronze cafe rods using S hooks and curtain clips.

So the paper/stained glass storage?  Is Ikea cabinetry; it's plate storage turned on its side and covered with beadboard and trim (works perfectly for 12x12 papers and stained glass panels.)  Base bookcases and butcher block also from Ikea

Yes.  That is a tree branch.  Covered in pages from my fallen apart copy of "A Swiftly Tilting Planet" by Madeleine L'Engle (are you really surprised by that if you know me?  And I've since bought a new copy.)  The desktop is a door from Building Value salvage in Walnut Hills.  The white cabinets on either side are part of a set that included a dresser now in Sean's room and a headboard, bought off of Craigslist four years ago for $50 total.

Work space, countertop, shelves... we stuck to a budget and used salvage, clearance and the "As Is" room at Ikea.  The plate storage cabinets were $25 each because they'd been discontinued.  The bulletin board was $2 at Hap's in Blue Ash when they closed (moment of silence for Hap's....)  So it's all luck, thrifty shopping, salvaging... The entire room cost around $400 including paint and hardware.  The butcher block was the biggest purchase for around $200 total.

The rest of the post is just some of the little silly stuff that makes me smile :)

Yes, it does.

Plastic bin storage covered in atlas pages

I love clip-on glass birds

Mod Podged frame around Owen Brock Haiti photo

Cigar box storage

The camel is an old inkwell.  It's too bad we no longer need inkwells.

Thrift store lighting project (I'll try to find the "Before" photos and post them)

Metal tray/magnet board

I think this was supposed to be a toilet paper roll holder...

NYC House number and transit guide map

Cigar box and mini-book made at the most awesome women's retreat ever (Cedar Ridge - when I first met BETSY!)

Rubber stampy goodness

Random metal tags and label holders and watch parts look prettier in glasses... or so I tell myself
So I really still need more seating for more friends to come play.  I love these and they'd look great and be comfy while sitting and working (chatting) for long periods of time.  And they pick up some of the red in the room and the yellow tones of the walls:

And something like this could definitely work too.  Can't tell if it's got brown tones... or eggplant purples?  Either way, I like it:

And I could use a lamp for the cabinet to the right of my desktop (computer area.)  Something cute like this would be fabulous:

I love that shade of green!
Well, that's pretty much it.  I'll update if I score something awesome at HomeGoods or TJMaxx.  And you're all invited to come make a mess any time (yes, I'm serious.)

**Note: Since I just realized people I don't know are reading this (Hi, there!) I will explain that my first and last initial are both "S" which is why I tend to have so many of them sprinkled around our house :)


Amanda Dale said…
LOVE your space! So inspiring! I love all of the great details that you have added like the decoupage, glass birds, and glass jars with supplies! I would love for my space to eveolve towards something like this. Can't wait to try your trick with the ribbon hanging on curtains rods behind the door . . . Genius!
Dining Delight said…
I now what you mean about competing home reno projects but never getting around to posting about them. Glad Susan at BNOTP had this linky party so you could post this! Some great inspiration there - love the "toilet paper holder" put to creative use! Your vase turned felt pen holder is something I'm going to copy as I have a very similar one!

Stacie said…
Thanks for the encouragement!

Amanda, the ribbon storage has been a great space saver but I have to tell you it took three tries before I found curtain rods small enough to fit through most rolls of ribbon. I took a roll with me to the store the third time :)

DD, I love using those vases and thrift store glassware for storage - I don't feel as bad if I mess them up with ink or paint (I usually seem to like them better "messed up"!)
ButterYum said…
WOW, I absolutely love your space!!!! I'm sure it allows for a lot of creative juices to start flowing. Really, really nice.

Btw, I have an exact copy of that glass clip-on bird. I think it's actually my daughter's, but it goes on the tree every year.

CAS said…
I like your style and your space.
Scribbler said…
I love the whimsical way you have organized some of your supplies! Nice space.
betsy said…
so envious I could faint.
Stacie said…
Thanks again, everyone!

Bets, I mentioned you by name AND if you look closely your cute little pic is on my bulletin board... along with that spectacular Atlantic City bumper sticker :) Miss you, sister!
Rene said…
Your work room is filled with so many unique touches. What a great place to create.

Oh this is just darling and I love the soft funky look you've created, its like another world and just charming!
Renee said…
sigh...I would be lost is your room..so many great things :)
wow, that is what I would call a dream room. Lucky girl :)
EmilyAdele said…
First of all- LOVE LOVE LOVE the mostly finished Artist Cave...because you are mostly an artist who happens to be a great mom. Second: When can I come play? Third: HomeGoods right around the corner (not kidding) from ME!!! Come visit!!!
Jodi said…
Wait you blogged and you have a finished Mom Cave! Is it the end of the world? No it would be the end of the world if I actually got to come over and play in your mom cave.
Hi Stacie! That craft room was AMAZING! In my house I want a craft room. I think I'll have three rooms as soon as my kids are out to the house! ha! My oldest is 10.....only eight more years to go! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, made my day! PS I have the same Costco paper towel holder - LOVE it!
Those are truly gratifying pictures to look at! Above all, a perfect office to be envied! Thank you for sharing the inspiring work you did there.

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