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[Mostly] Finished workroom

After all this time, I'm finally posting.  And finally got around to taking some photos.  I keep meaning to post them but stuff kept coming up (like tearing apart the master bath... and the furnace deciding to stop working...)  Then I stumbled upon this post at Between Naps on the Porch, which is one of the blogs I read when I get a chance.  These link "parties" are always cool to take a bit to browse because you get some really great ideas from other people you would never otherwise meet in real life!

Now, thanks to Laurie, I read quite a few home decor and DIY blogs.  But have never posted photos or linked to them.  I love to look but it never occurs to me to share my stuff with anyone else.  And when I saw HomeGoods I got a little sniffy because I loved HomeGoods when we lived in Maryland (their Waugh Chapel store misses me, I'm sure.)  But as far as I knew, we didn't have a HomeGoods in Cincinnati.  Every time I'd happen to catch David Bromstead on HGTV h…