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Jodi rocks the postal system.

Otherwise known as "the one where I received a flip-flop in the mail"...

The mail art has begun. Jodi's the reigning mail art queen. For now...
P.S. Ignore my double-chin. Unless I slump, I'm always looking down into the iSight camera.

It's about time... dag!

(I bet Jodi's thought that exact quote ten ot twenty time in the last few months!)

Ok, so, field days are over (check!)  Final third-grade project turned in (check!)  Final after-school activity day over (check!) Teacher's gifts sent to coordinating parents (check!) Five more school days then our lives are finally ours for the summer... niiiiiiiice.
Alright, so this is what's up.  I have a summer project that is in response to some mom who are interested in me offering art classes geared toward elementary school and middle school aged kids.  I'll be gathering info and posting something hopefully in mid-July.  I think the online idea with in-person meetings once or twice a session would be the way to go.  The classes would start at the beginning of the school year and run in quarterly sessions.  I want to gather info because some of the interest is from home-schooling families looking for art curriculum so I want to see what kind of requirements are needed in different …