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Alumni chapel

From the CCS alumni chapel today (I didn't make this.  I believe a student or recent alumnus did.)

Sam Dillard Memorial Fund

If I missed getting this to you via email, here is more information. If you are CCHS alumni, please send me your email and I'll add you to the update list. You can email me at

As most of you are aware, on Saturday November 15th Coach Sam Dillard collapsed at his home in Fairfield, Ohio. Mr. Dillard passed away later that same night from multiple brain aneurysms. Coach Dillard leaves behind a wife (Lianne Kelly) and two young girls (Callie soon to be 3 and Zipporah 1).

Sam Dillard was a coach and teacher in his 31st year at Cincinnati Christian High School in Fairfield, OH. As a strong example to his students and players, Sam showed, through his everyday life and actions, the true love of Christ. Now it is our turn to take care of his loved ones.

Lianne and their girls need us now more then ever. Medical bills, mortgage payments, food and diapers now become harder to come by in this time of grief. Sam and his family's home church is Tri-County Assembly …

Collage Canvas

Remember that canvas? The one that was going to be the base for my "BE" collage? Yeah, well, now it looks like this...

At first I was only going to post about the canvas and let you leave posts saying, "Oh, how very pretty." And leave it at that. I was going to ignore the fact that there has been nothing posted here for a month now. I mean, honestly, up until I just typed the beginning of this paragraph, that's all it was going to be. But I was thinking about how to explain why I took the butterfly off the canvas and added the vintage paper and ink and gel medium mixes.  And I realized my interaction and changing the canvas has had a lot to do with why I haven't posted and my emotional state of mind and how it's affected my creativity lately.

Let me start by saying I'm sorry. To be honest, I have no clue if anyone else was getting anything out of those challenges because I rarely get comments posted here.  I did hear from some of you by email e…


Stuff's been going on.  If you'd like a recap, please go over to the Art Chick blog and read up.  
Thank you, and have a nice day.