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June 2016

We've been working hard and learning all kinds of new things while creating for Resurgam Coffee. We're creating a website with e-commerce aspects, forms that automatically send intake info to a spreadsheet, fluid layouts that will work correctly across a variety of platforms (smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops... though I'm not bothering with Apple Watches. Sorry.) And this past week has included laying out the design for their coffee bags and labels.

It's been fun, interesting, and sometimes stressful as we learn how to integrate all the things that need to happen for a multi-purpose site to work well and still convey the message of what Resurgam Coffee is about. In the meantime I highly recommend going over and checking out the Resurgam Coffee Facebook page and visiting Lemonade International to see why this is more than just coffee and what Resurgam means in real life – The Latin translation is "I will rise." (Which is an extra dose of random awesome…