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Week 1: Challenge results

So I guess I didn't really think through how and when I'd post any photos or email I get regarding each week's post. Since I had a response from Teresa that included some great photos, I want to make sure those photos and part of her email get are put up here so you guys can check them out and read her insights on the storm.

In Teresa's email she writes:

"Anyway, to explain, I took a picture of the impending storm last night. Yes it was very ugly outside but I still find the beauty in how God can totally change the sky and perform a great symphony and out of that storm, flowers bloom and the earth just looks greener, not to mention, my car gets washed...LOL! As you can tell in one of the pics, you can see leaves and other debris flying around. Isn't it wonderful? God is soooooo cool!"

*Teresa also sent a great photo of a delicate little flower among some old, gray mulch but it's being difficult and though I can view it, it won't upload from t…

Week 1: Point of View

The poet Horace once wrote, "Nothing is beautiful from every point of view."  To which I reply that I believe the opposite is also true - nothing is ugly from every point of view.  And so begins your training, young padawan: Change your point of view.  Literally.

There are an awful lot of times when we look around and take a quick mental inventory then move on.  We glance over things that are familiar to us and may even miss small, unfamiliar things altogether if we're in a hurry.  Sometimes the environment in which an item resides can make it seem more unattractive and not-beautiful than it really is (your cube, your overgrown backyard, your least-favorite relative's house...)
A 19th century British painter named John Constable once said," There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may - light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful."  I think this is one of the most true things I'…

More "New" info

So here are a few more details about the when and where and how to follow along with the new way of working with this blog.

The major weekly post, the one including a project or challenge, will be up by noon on Tuesdays.  I will do my best to have photo examples of any projects I post.  There may be random posts in between Tuesdays so we'll see how it works.
Also, if you were trying to figure out how to join the Faith & Art Yahoo group I mentioned?  Click here: Faith & Art Yahoo Group.  You should see the Faith & Art watercolor-looking banner, the same one from here on the blog, over to the right.  Above that banner, and a little farther over to the right, you should see a blue rectangular button that says, "Join this group!"  That's what you want.  Click that, follow the instructions and I generally have you ready to go within the next day if not sooner.
Check back on Tuesday for more fun and frivolity!

It's on.

Hey there!
So you may be wondering what this photo has to do with faith and art.  You may be wondering what happened to faith and art and what happened to this blog since it's been a while since anything has been posted.  Well, it's here.  I'm here.  And here's the deal - this isn't just an "idea" anymore (I've tried to link back to specific posts or other things that explain... re-introduce... the hopes I have for this blog, the group and the idea overall.)
This whole Faith & Art thing is what I honestly feel like is God's gift to me.  Not gift as in "I'm so gifted" or "my gift is my art."  But gift as in God loves me so much that He decided He would plant this idea because He knew that it would bless my life in my thinking and my actions and that it has been a seriously great thing for me in that even when I'm not posting, the faith and art connection is something that is woven through just about every aspect of …