More "New" info

So here are a few more details about the when and where and how to follow along with the new way of working with this blog.

The major weekly post, the one including a project or challenge, will be up by noon on Tuesdays.  I will do my best to have photo examples of any projects I post.  There may be random posts in between Tuesdays so we'll see how it works.

Also, if you were trying to figure out how to join the Faith & Art Yahoo group I mentioned?  Click here: Faith & Art Yahoo Group.  You should see the Faith & Art watercolor-looking banner, the same one from here on the blog, over to the right.  Above that banner, and a little farther over to the right, you should see a blue rectangular button that says, "Join this group!"  That's what you want.  Click that, follow the instructions and I generally have you ready to go within the next day if not sooner.

Check back on Tuesday for more fun and frivolity!


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