Week 1: Challenge results

So I guess I didn't really think through how and when I'd post any photos or email I get regarding each week's post. Since I had a response from Teresa that included some great photos, I want to make sure those photos and part of her email get are put up here so you guys can check them out and read her insights on the storm.

In Teresa's email she writes:

"Anyway, to explain, I took a picture of the impending storm last night. Yes it was very ugly outside but I still find the beauty in how God can totally change the sky and perform a great symphony and out of that storm, flowers bloom and the earth just looks greener, not to mention, my car gets washed...LOL! As you can tell in one of the pics, you can see leaves and other debris flying around. Isn't it wonderful? God is soooooo cool!"

*Teresa also sent a great photo of a delicate little flower among some old, gray mulch but it's being difficult and though I can view it, it won't upload from the email. Trust me, the composition is wonderful and it's a great photo!

I really want to thank you, Teresa, for taking the time to email me with your photos. I love hearing and seeing your vision of God in the midst of a storm. I think it's so true! And I'm really excited to see someone get something out of last week's post. To anyone that didn't take part or didn't post, please feel free to send me your photos and thoughts at any point, ok? Send week one during week ten if you want. It's not about when you take part. I just want to be able to give you new ways of thinking and looking at things so that you find new ways of looking at God and your relationship with Him! (and really, I'm not giving you anything new. This is all God's stuff. I'm not capable of coming up with this on my own!)


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