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What's up.

This isn't supposed to be some big announcement; there is no immediate action being taken other than occasionally scanning the MLS listings and noticing For Sale signs. But Rusty and I are thinking. And praying. And realizing that maybe what we're feeling isn't just emotional. Maybe it's God answering our prayers - to help us see what's important, what's not, what's worth the time and effort and what's not real or valuable in the grand scheme of things.

We have our eye on the building in St. Bernard (see here: Faith & Art.) If it goes on the market? We will most likely start praying more specifically. Then based on that, make an offer on the St. Bernard building and put our house up for sale. If it doesn't go on the market, we'll still be praying and keeping our eyes open to options in St. Bernard, Norwood or even North Avondale; an older house that need attention but where we can focus less on upgrading to the next newer and bigger …


I've started this post so many times before but deleted in the name of sanity or common sense or just plain being unrealistic.  Or possibly offending someone.  But I feel like I'm being dishonest anymore.  I have to get this out.

I posted this a while back and talked through whether it was about the building itself or if it would work somewhere else.  It then turned into "can it happen in the suburbs?" and I honestly tried to convince myself it could.  I wanted it to be able to work in the suburbs, so I could still be on the rational side of things.  But the reality is that I don't think it can.  Not on the scale it needs to be.  That I feel God wants it to be. 
I feel like my brain works differently than most of the people around here.  Where they see "bigger and better" I see people living with blinders on.  People need to wake up and see the creativity all around them, the creation of the One True Creator.  And be amazed at their link to Him - that t…


In regards to Brian's comments, I can hear some of you wondering, "but isn't the the duty of the artist? To help the non-artists among us to see things they can't see on their own?" To that I say, "almost." It's a fine line, but not quite it, at least in my opinion.

I firmly believe we, as artists, are called to help people come into fellowship with God on many different levels - through performance, through song, through music, visual arts, mutli-media, etc. But we're not to worship for them. We're here to help them learn to see more, look deeper and listen to everything, not just the surface noise.

If I create something that helps you come into worship with God? I'm humbled. Honestly. But if I create something that helps you see a new way of coming to a place of worship on your own? Something that you learn that you can take with you? That's even more thrilling for me.

It's cliche, but true, that "teach a man…

Thank you, Brian.

His comments about art reaffirm what I'm already feeling. You go, Brian.