In regards to Brian's comments, I can hear some of you wondering, "but isn't the the duty of the artist? To help the non-artists among us to see things they can't see on their own?" To that I say, "almost." It's a fine line, but not quite it, at least in my opinion.

I firmly believe we, as artists, are called to help people come into fellowship with God on many different levels - through performance, through song, through music, visual arts, mutli-media, etc. But we're not to worship for them. We're here to help them learn to see more, look deeper and listen to everything, not just the surface noise.

If I create something that helps you come into worship with God? I'm humbled. Honestly. But if I create something that helps you see a new way of coming to a place of worship on your own? Something that you learn that you can take with you? That's even more thrilling for me.

It's cliche, but true, that "teach a man to fish" saying. I want my ideas and pieces to not be the end result. I want them to be a springboard for more. The little rock in the water that sends ripples further out.

And seriously, this post is total proof that I'm definitely a visual person and not so good with the words. Oy.


jae said…
You keep saying you're not good with words and keep proving yourself wrong.

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