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This isn't supposed to be some big announcement; there is no immediate action being taken other than occasionally scanning the MLS listings and noticing For Sale signs. But Rusty and I are thinking. And praying. And realizing that maybe what we're feeling isn't just emotional. Maybe it's God answering our prayers - to help us see what's important, what's not, what's worth the time and effort and what's not real or valuable in the grand scheme of things.

We have our eye on the building in St. Bernard (see here: Faith & Art.) If it goes on the market? We will most likely start praying more specifically. Then based on that, make an offer on the St. Bernard building and put our house up for sale. If it doesn't go on the market, we'll still be praying and keeping our eyes open to options in St. Bernard, Norwood or even North Avondale; an older house that need attention but where we can focus less on upgrading to the next newer and bigger neighborhood and more on moving farther up and farther in. Something that frees up our resources to let us do more for God and less for our so-called survival. Sounds kind of hippie, doesn't it?

When I first posted about the building in St. Bernard, I mentioned that I felt like God had put on the brakes. I said I was feeling a sort of tension, that there was something I needed to do or work through. That "something" has been happening over the last couple of months. And it's been crazy to walk through it and watch Rusty go through it - on his own and also with me.

I know the idea of moving out of the excellently-rated Lakota school district makes no sense. I know some people will not be able to grasp our reasoning for considering this. But God rarely makes sense. If He made sense I don't think I could be a follower. Who wants to make sense?

Regardless of where we go, we feel like we really need out of this immediate area. It's too easy for Rusty and I personally to fall into thinking life is great and we've "made it" and live happily ever after. I guess we're feeling like the happily ever after comes at the end and what we do until then is something we need to be more deliberate about.

So for now we're praying like always. And saying out loud that we'll go where God can use us. If He wants us here, we'll stay. And we'll live with that if that's the answer. But the point is, we're open. And I'm betting we'll be able to tell so that's why I'm not worried and why we're not making this a big deal.

*If you're just joinging in, you probably need to read these to figure out what the heck I'm talking about:





jae said…
Here's the dumb thing (me, not you) -- I just TODAY realized where St. Bernard is. Drove by it just like any other time and finally saw a sign that said it. I'll keep an eye out from now on.

It must have been a day for revelations, too, because I JUST TODAY realized that big huge building on 75 was IKEA. Talk about living in a fog.
Teresa said…
I just ate at Chili Time in St. Bernard a few days ago. Good place.

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