Photos. From you guys.

I received two great photos, one from Heather and one from Jodi. They have to do with that last post. I forgot to ask Heather if I could post hers (it's a wonderful photo of so many things all at once. Expect an email from me asking permission to post it!) Jodi gave me her permission to post her photo along with an email that came with it. The following is Jodi's email:

Your blog entry had me all misty there at the end. I tried to comment but it wouldn't let me. I've been meaning to take a picture of 2 rings I wear all the time that are symbols to me. One is just silver band that was given to me by my friends who are missionaries, in Indonesia. It was given to me by Jen just before they left, she was getting rid of stuff she wasn't taking with her, I got this ring and a cool necklace. The ring helps me remember to pray for them since I never take it off, it's also a reminder of the call that God has on my life for mission work to a far off country someday. The other ring is one that my husband and I both have, it's a celtic symbol that means everlasting friendship. I gave it to him during a time in our marriage, that was extremely difficult, and friendship is what held us together. We both never take them off, they actually mean more to me than my wedding ring. (which is broken, is that bad?)


Jodi said…
Dude in the comments somewhere she said you could post it from her flikr's here somewhere I think....check me and my pudgy hand I'm famous!
Heather said…
You absolutely have my permission!!!

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