Thursday Break

I didn't forget you, my youngest is sick. You don't want details... trust me.

I'm finding it harder to write what I want to about Faith and Art when I'm not really creating any art! Other than painting my house, that is. Yesterday, while my son was laying on the couch and watched movies I was browsing some creative sites online. I figured until this blog gets back into deeper aspects of art and how it relates to our faith that I can try to post what I can and today that includes links to different things that may inspire you to take a look at yourself and your life and faith and create!

I'll be the first to say I truly believe in the premise of Madeleine L'Engle's book Walking on Water in which she says any art is Christian art if it brings to mind aspects of God's creation - whether that be visual or mental or emotional or whatever. One of my other favorite writers is C.S. Lewis (I debated trying to convince Rusty that we should name our second child Clive. Anyway...)

Check out some of these links and see if they make you want to think about the projects in a way that they relate to your life and experiences. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to dig out my copy of Walking on Water.

Pam Garrison's Blog. I don't know her but I enjoy her art.

Lisa Kaus Art Studio. Another one I just found during a search online one day. She has had her work featured on the cover of Somerset Studio. She has a blog as well, scroll down the page to find the link.

Kraf-O-La. Another randomly spotted blog. Like it a lot.

Junque Revival/Maine Cottage News. One is the shop site and one is the artists blog. The link will take you to the blog link page on the shop site (confused yet?)

Sally Jean. Love her style. Cute without being "cutesy." The one that started a trend with her mini-collage pendants and bubble pendants. So even though she's "popular" I'm keeping her on the list. Besides, when you click the "Enter" link to enter her site? That photo that comes up, the one with all of the pendants hanging from the ribbons and chains is beautiful. I love that photo. it alone is worth the link.

This little list basically shows what I've looked at over the last 24 hours online. There are so many more out there. Feel free to post links in the comments section if you'd like. I do ask that you don't post links to the "already famous" blogs of people like Ali Edwards, Donna Downy, etc. They're wonderful and creative and a fun place to visit. But they're also likely to be the links that a lot of people will find first in their searches. Let's try to throw out some more obscure names and sites!


Anonymous said…
I love Claudine.
Anonymous said…
I haven't searched for any blogs -- but just wanted to let you know I'm here!!

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