King Edmund the Just.

Rusty and I caught part of the Narnia movie on tv the other night. It was the part where Edmund is starting to understand that the witch really does suck and he's made a terrible mistake. I so identify with Edmund. I always have.

When I first read the Narnia books, when I was nine years old, I wanted to be like Lucy. I wanted to be the one who went in with everything to believe in, just happy to be there getting to experience it all. But I knew that Edmund felt more familiar. I hated that. He just seemed like such a whiner and so unhappy for himself and everyone around him! But as I've gotten older I realized I had come to like Edmund. He's just so human and when he finally is saved he is so thankful.

In the book, as well as the movie, there is a small scene when Edmund and Aslan are talking. Edmund's brother and sisters come running up, having just found out he is alive and back in their camp. Aslan tells them not to speak of what had happened because it's in the past and all is forgiven. I've always loved that little bit of the story – Aslan knows he's going to have to die in Edmund's place but he has really truly forgiven Edmund's selfishness and stupidity. And just to prove that the past had been forgotten, Edmund is eventually crowned "King Edmund the Just" at the end of the book. I love that.

Anyone have any characters you identify with - either in the Chronicles or any other books (or movies are fine), I don't care. Feel free to tell us about them!


Jodi said…
I so identify with Lucy. Which isn't always the best. I can imagine how frustrated she was when no one believed her. I know exactly how she feels. How you can try the best way you know how and people either thing you are completely wacked out and lying or your just plain wacked. I've always had the faith of a child and rarely question, it just feels right and I go with it, which can be a bless as well as a curse. Thanks for blogging again, these challenges are good for my soul!
Heather said…
Of Mice & Men? Not Lenny (can't even remember his name)... the smart one. I feel like sometimes with the kids I work with, I'm setting them up to just fail -- LATER. Some of them, given home situations, lack of intelligence, gene pool, poor decisions, they are just going to be staring off at the horizons watching the rabbits and there's nothing I can do about it. (Probably not a good day for me to read this blog!) If you listen to Hadley (who said I treat her as good as a waitress does!), then maybe I should identify more with Flo from "Mel's Diner" (or was it called Alice).

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