*This is a X-post with the Art Chick Blog

So these are some photos I meant to post earlier. They're samples from the Stamper's Anonymous booth at this year's Stampaway.

Some of these are cards.

Some of them are covers to art or travel journals.

All of them are three dimensional (and are in plastic covers which is why there is a weird glare on them in some shots.)

This is only one of the booths that just about made me swoon at Stampaway. The inspiration was overwhelming and the ideas and samples were beautiful.

I'm planning on making some more handmade/hand-bound books this fall. I'd love to add some of these three-dimensional elements to them along the spine and on the covers and even some inside cut out or niches in the book itself (so you'd have to write around a hole housing a little bead or charm.) I love the weight the three dimensional objects give the pieces overall - they go from flat cards to mini works of art that could easily be framed and hung on a wall.

I need to go clean up my workroom. And find my soldering iron.


Jodi said…
Sooo you were actually there...dag thought for sure you'd hook up with us!
Stacie said…
Jodi, I would have but my mom and I went later in the morning and we had to be somewhere with the rest of my family by that afternoon. We did the entire upstairs and kind of half-assed browsed downstairs (it was hot down there!)

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