Spring (it's about time.)

Rusty stopped on the way home from the airport Sunday to buy tulips as a "thank you" for me letting him spend half of spring break in Vegas with Erik, Buddy and two other friends.  The tulips were really tight buds Sunday afternoon then sometime Monday they just exploded!
I took some photos this afternoon because the colored ones especially are gorgeous, with their green tinged undersides gradually changing to blazing pinks, oranges and yellows.  I also loved the light coming through the blue of the old mason jar. 
Then this evening I'm sitting at the table working on my laptop with the flowers in front of me.  They are directly underneath the table light fixture and the pink/orange flowers look like they're votive cups glowing with a lit candle inside.  I literally couldn't think I was so enthralled with the light and color.  I had to take more photos.  Thankfully (for you) I only uploaded nine here.  I took 22 overall and seriously, it's not my photography but the creation itself that is so crazy beautiful!

They're also over at Flickr if you'd like to see bigger, in-your-face images (when you get to Flickr, just click the small images to see the big versions):


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