Today's post.

I wish I could say I "forgot" to post last week.  I didn't forget.  I just didn't do it.  I chose not to.  We have had a hard few weeks with school issues, house issues and other things I'd rather not discuss but just ask for your prayers.  I'm also finding myself horribly homesick for our friends back in Maryland.  I'm sure it's nothing a hug from Deedie, a day out with Betsy, an afternoon making something pretty with Sandi or a cup of coffee with Ashley and Sherri wouldn't fix.  It's nothing life-threatening.  Just life side-tracking I guess.

I'm planning on posting some photos of the house stuff on the Art Chick blog later today.  That'll give you an idea of what's up in that regard.  And for those of you know know Liam's situation I just ask that you continue to keep the school staff and Liam in your prayers as we work through this fall.  Nothing is "wrong."  Things just aren't working as well as they did last year.

I'm going to be honest and say that this is the first time I wish I was being paid for this.  I wish I had an office to go to where I wrote about faith and art and was able to create without any distraction from outside.  I guess right now I just feel like I need to write and think about this stuff but life has gotten in the way.  I sometimes feel like since it's not my "job" I don't have a right to do this stuff until the other stuff gets done first - laundry, upkeep on the house, cleaning, etc.  

Rambling moment.  Sorry.  I'll put a note up here when I get some house-chaos photos up on the other blog.  Have a good day, guys.


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