If I'd have known you were reading...

I'd actually post more often. Huh.

So as I sit here typing, drinking my coffee, the smell of burning wood fills the air. Am I enjoying a fire in the fireplace? No. Am I sitting in the backyard amidst the glory of nature as a fire glows in the firepit? Um, no. Am I camped out on my bed while the floor guy cuts into my hardwood floors downstairs using some sort of process that makes my house smell like a bonfire? Yes! "Hardwood floor fire" for the win! I'm really craving smores right now.

He's actually cutting out the vents and installing new recessed vents before the refinishing starts on Monday. Yay! Refinishing! Monday! Exclamation points! Woo!


So, life in the Sapper household. Yeah. Involves a lot of paint, tripping over shop vacs, cabinet doors and cans of paint and eating meals in the family room, living room and/or basement. It's a finished basement with Rusty's stupid big TV*. Not like I make the boys sit on the cold concrete floor in the dark ("Please, sir, I want some more")

"Oll-lee-vah, Oll-lee-vah, won't ask for more when he knows what's in store!"

What's new? Well, the kitchen island is finished except for needing the butcher block installed; we'll need to cut it to size then put a few coats of Tung oil on it before it's ready to go. But here are a few photos of how it turned out:

But dont' be fooled. Things aren't all lovely and "finished"...

Still a mess. As is my brain right now. But wait! There's more!

We got started trimming out the cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen. We put beadboard and trim on all of the ends just like the island. We added moulding to the bottom edge of the cabinets to hide the under-cabinet lighting a bit better and we added a wee bit of trim to the existing crown moulding:

We've actually got the cabinet frames painted and polyurethaned so they're finished (YAY!) and there are fifteen cabinet doors and eight drawer fronts ready to be poly'ed then they'll be ready to hang. Hopefully that'll happen after floor guy is finished so I can put the polyurethane on after his sawdust is cleaned up. We bought magnetic latches for all of the cabinet doors so they actually close and stay closed and have felt pads to go on all the corners of the doors and drawers so there is no slamming noise (and so they don't stick.) That stuff will come last, along with the new hardware, and hopefully our kitchen will be put back together by tomorrow.

Monday morning the flooring guys are starting on their work and we will be moving out of the house for three or four days. We'll be staying at a suites hotel in West Chester so it won't be terribly far to drive the boys back up here for school while we're out of the house.

Our home-owners insurance is paying for the hotel and mileage for driving to school and back (our kids normally ride the bus) so I really can't complain. I mean, it'll be a very long weekend - we have to take four or five doors off their hinges so the guys can sand and refinish everything, we'll be moving our fridge, dishwasher and stove into our family room and pushing our furniture farther back from where the carpet and hardwood meet, moving the washer and dryer into my work room and getting every single thing off the floor which is most of the first level of our house. But? Cleaning can only be a good thing at this point. And? It's one step closer to be being FINISHED with this! (Yes. It does deserve all caps and festive colors. If I could animate that word I would because it is so very glorious at this point.)

For all of my stupidity and ridiculous comments I have to state for the record that number one, I am exhausted. We decided a better word is "weary." This has been an ongoing thing since the leak was first discovered over Spring Break. But number two, and most importantly, I'm blessed. No matter how cluttered, sawdust covered and chaotic my house is I know I am blessed to have a home. Blessed to have insurance that is taking care of some of this. Blessed to have a husband that says, "Sure, let's do all that painting we talked about" and lets me go off on my DIY tangents. Blessed that Rusty's extra income from soccer paid for new kitchen hardware and trim so we didn't have to dip into our regular budget. I am blessed. So for all my complaining, I'm sorry. Just wanted to get that out there. Thanks for listening.

*"Stupid big TV" is it's official name.


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