It's been quite a long time since I've used this blog to communicate. I went back and forth with whether to keep this one going or start a new one with the new business Rusty and I set up last week. But this feels like the right way to go – to go ahead and continue on with something that started years ago. Honestly, a part of me wants to continue this one because Betsy posted here and this is where I processed losing Sam. So for now, that's what we'll do.

I know for anyone that knows us personally and is reading this you may be wondering why we started a business fresh off of cancer treatment, a house with plenty of unfinished projects, and two high school aged boys – one of whom is now working at Kings Island but won't be able to get his driver's license until August (just shoot me now, please.) I guess the answer to that is... why not now?

Honestly, this breast cancer thing has been awful in that my body still kind of hates me. And awesome in that it's put into perspective what's important, forced us to really focus on what's important and what to let go, and freed me to say, "I don't know how to do this but I'm going to learn." Plus, coding is kind of interesting (whether or not I 'like' it is up for debate and seems to be a matter of what software I'm using and what end result I'm hoping for.)

So maybe I'll need to create a more business oriented blog for the S2 Art & Design website. But for now, this is where I'll be talking to myself.


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