The one where I'm kind of a snob. Sorry.

I'm just warning you, and apologizing all at the same time.

So this art group idea has me excited and a little worried. Excited because I've been part of a church in the past where the arts were a major thing (insert sniffly sigh of longing for Cedar Ridge right here.) We were technically in the suburbs when we lived in Maryland, but the suburbs of the metro Washington DC area are a long way from the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, midwestern U.S. of A.

Please don't misunderstand or get all insulted. There is much to be loved about Cincinnati. I just feel like most of it is in Cincinnati and not much of it trickles out to the farthest suburban suburbs where we currently reside. I see the sameness of our neighborhood and rationalize that it's no different than our Levitt house in Bowie (where every third house is the same with matching neighborhoods in Pennsylvania and Jersey!) But down deep I honestly wish we were closer in, closer to town. In the city or one of the first suburbs. Do I feel like I'm missing out? I do. I readily admit it. But, do I feel like that's something that can't be changed even if we stay where we are? No. We can change it. But it'll be harder than it would have been back in Maryland. And a little scarier for me personally. Because there I had Betsy and Deedie and Sherri. Here? I'm at a newer church with no known co-conspirators. I know absolutely no one who admits a love for all things arty and bedazzled (Deedie. Patron saint of fabulousness.) And there are things I could say to Betsy or Sherri and even knowing I failed miserably at putting my ideas into words their ability to translate my rambling made me comfortable in myself. I miss knowing I had people to go to with my creative ideas who would "get it." I don't have that at Journey. Yet. Maybe I won't have that at Journey? Maybe at some point I'll become the Betsy or Sherri to someone else? (Ok... I admit, I like that idea.)

I need to go get some ink on my hands.


Jodi said…
It is much cooler closer to the city. As you will see if you make it out to Perry's open house.
Emily said…
Hello, I am a friend of Janet and she gave me a link to your blog. As I start to read your most recent postings and your "Why" posting about how you decided to start this blog I have many things to share. I think we speak the same language in that I look for God's truth in, movies, all art. Too much to go into here. Get my email from Janet and I can ramble more! LOL! By the way, I think the papier mache joke is funny, too! -Emily

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