What was I thinking?

Yeah, so we're doing this thing. On December 8th at 2:00. At my house. Seriously, what makes me think I'm qualified to lead this? I mean, I'm interested. And I was just thinking I'd really like to live in Arizona so I could work outside and make two-story tall metal sculptures. Strictly for the welding aspect of it (who cares what you make, as long as you get to use fire to join metal to metal!) Though I'm not sure what that has to do with anything at all.

So pray for this. For me. And for us, as artists and as believers. I'm not sure how many "us" there will be but even if it's just Jodi and me, we're ready to get this thing going.

I'm honestly afraid once I start talking art and God I won't be able to stop.


Emily said…
Another thing to check out is an already existing group of artists who also love God/Jesus. You can learn more at www.crossroads.net, click on Get Involved and then Community Groups. The groups name is SPACE. I can forward you a direct email contact if you like.
Teresa said…
I'm a friend of Jodi's and I'm in. Email me and let me know how to get to your house.

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