Week 3: The Written Word (part 2)... COMING SOON.

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday.  And it's slightly past noon.  But I'm fighting through my second bought of strep throat in four weeks (after not getting it for years!)  So it's on hold.  I have the text ready to go but really want photos to go along with it and I haven't had a chance to take those photos yet.

In the meantime, I received an email from Teresa with some song lyrics she picked for part one of the challenge.  If she allows me, I'd love to post it here as an example of words that create a feeling and/or image that brings God into our little worlds.

Take note, though.  Part two of this challenge is the most artsy we've done so far.  Be prepared.  Gather the stuff I mentioned last week.  If you don't yet have your stuff, look around and see what you can find (if you have no idea what stuff I'm talking about, go back and read last week's post!)


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