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Quotes. First Edition.

I am a collector of words, usually in the form of quotes from books though I do like a good definition now and again. Words bring images to mind and the most real words are the ones that point to the cosmos around us. I tend to often use words in my artwork, usually mixed media projects.

I love when authors describe a thing using seemingly unrelated words – for instance, using colors to describe noises or personifying physical feelings like pain. But then you read it and you can see it in your head and feel it and those unrelated words make total sense and give the thing being described more weight and being.

So after a week of watching the BBC miniseries "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" I went back and looked at some quotes I highlighted on my Kindle when I read the book a few years ago.

I really enjoy Susanna Clarke's gift for combining words to create imagery. I'm just going to leave some of these here for you to enjoy if that's your thing too*.

“She wore a…