Memorial Day Weekend

Hi, everyone! I want to give everyone a heads up before I disappear on you for the weekend. Don't worry, the blog isn't going inactive. We're going out of town for the long weekend and will be gone from Thursday until Monday night. I will be back online with somethingoh-so-interesting to say (uh huh...) on Tuesday.

I have an assignment for you but it's not artistic. If you've been meaning to get the book and haven't gotten around to it? Pick it up sometime over the weekend. I'd love for you to be reading it too, so you can keep me in line and let me know when you think maybe I've missed the mark. Accountability is a good thing.

Second thing. Any of you who are reading but feeling like you don't really count as a "real" artist, or writer, or creator of things such as gardens and baby blankets and such? Try to get over it this weekend! I whole-heartedly call you an artist. If you are interested in this topic and this blog at all, you very likely have some sort of creative streak going. Creativity is creativity. Take it and run with it. BE AN ARTIST. Stop comparing yourself to what you think other peoples' ideas of artists are. You are here. I'm glad you're here.

Have a fabulous and safe weekend, everyone! See you back here on Tuesday!


Jodi said…
I'm on Chapter 2 of my re-read.

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