Welcome back!

Hey, guys! Did you have a nice weekend? We traveled, I took a lot of great photos and spent time with my family. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that, eh?

So. Who decided to create an icon and give it away? I don't want to just jump back into things in case anyone wanted to show off their icon projects. If you did something? Send photos to post -- I love photos! (my hints aren't so subtle, are they?)

I'm going to write more on chapter 2 in a bit. There are some interesting quotes that have made me want to think on them a little more before putting them out there...

(p.s. post some pictures!)


Heather said…
I had this book on interlibrary call -- and now they don't have any record of it... SO, I'll check with my local bookstore and try to order it...

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