Art workroom update photos.

So here are some photos of the mess at our house right now. The first three are my workroom as it is today. I filled holes left by wall anchors and tried out little swatches of the new paint (similar color but lighter - it's either khaki or yellow depending on the light. I like it.)

So the next photo shows an old door I bought at Building Value down in Walnut Hills (architectural salvage store. LOVE. IT.) I am planning to use it as a desktop on that wall for my laptop. Notice the doorknob hole? Will use it as access for the cords. I KNOW! Genius!

And I painted my wooden office chair. By the time we're finished it'll have a slip-covered cushion. Too cute.

And this? This is my dining room. Nice. That's all the stuff we cleared out of my work room this week*.

Mmm, paper rack. How I adore my printed papers. And my Sharpies (in the lazy susan in the foreground to the right.)

OK. So... there it is, in all it's unkempt glory. I'll post more as we go. I know you're waiting on the edges of your collective seats, eh? Yeah.

P.S. Yes, that is a bookcase with my name embedded in it. My great Uncle Myron made that for me when I was little. Jason (my brother) has one as well, um, but with his own name on it. Not mine. It is honestly one of my most prized possessions as I never had personalized items because my name ends with an "-ie" rather an a "-y" or "-ey."


Amy said…
That looks good! I cannot wait to see when it is finished!
Heather said…
WOW! I'm so in need of a jump start on my home decor. Right now my biggest goal is to get the laundry put away -- or close to away -- or out of our living areaSSSSSS!

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