Catching up.

I'm hoping to renovate this blog later this fall - new look, new posts on a more regular basis. God is working on me and I need to talk about it (regardless of whether anyone is reading this.)

In the meantime, if you've just tuned in, I'd suggest going back and reading some of the posts that got me to this particular point in my life. Instead of you having to sort through the archives, I'll make a list below of the posts that made the most sense (I might include the Mail Art cow. Because I can.)

Let's start from the very beginning. It's a very good place to start...

Today's Post (I'm including this one because it's the reality of my life. It's not always paint and glitter and "Oh, I'm so inspired and creative!")

And yeah... that's where it stopped. Or where the blog stopped. So far. We're in the process of re-organizing my art room and hopefully I will be able to create on a regular basis which will give birth to thinking about the creative process and getting back into a conversation with other creative junkies about it all. I still struggle with my responsibility complex kicking in and whether I should take time away from "real" pursuits and responsibilities to do whatever I'm inspired to do creatively.

It's just that now, a week before I turn 37, I'm at a point where I'm finally embracing the entirety of my identity as an artist and as a Believer. Regardless of what more practical people may say. Or what more responsible people may say. Or "better" mothers, better wives, better housekeepers, cooks and lawn-mowers might say.

You're more than welcome to browse the archives on your own. Just be warned there are a lot of life updates during our move from Maryland to Ohio back in 2006/2007 and other little things that are boring to click through. So have at it. Read it and think about it and let's talk about what you think (I'll see some of you in person so it doesn't have to be online.)

Hope to be back soon! I'll try to post photo updates of the room make-over, too.


Heather said…
Glad to see ya back on the internets! ;)
text2messages said…
I love the blog
really its satisfying our inner feeling
it's really cool
Thank you

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