Random photo fun

**UPDATED TO ADD: As far as I can tell, the challenge post and the canvas post are now posted.  They're showing up on my screen so I'm hoping that means they're out there for real now!  ~ Stacie  2:42 PM, Tuesday 9.9.2008

Compliments of my sister, Lianne!

For some reason blogger does not like my last two posts.  The canvas and a challenge are supposed to be posted (I actually wrote out the challenge last night!)  But when I try to post it, Blogger says it can't connect.  I'm working on it.  I promise!  But here's something fun to look at while you wait:

A tin pail full of dinosaurs and jewelry and baby doll bottles.  This was a random shot from my sister's house and I think it perfectly illustrates her life as a mom to two little girls.  This was totally not set up, it was sitting on the kids' blue Ikea table when I walked into the family room.  And the great thing about Lianne is that she totally saw the beauty in this image as well and is the one who suggested I shoot it before it dissolved into some other arrangement of girly dinosaur chaos.


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