Update: Saturday 9.6.2008

Just letting you know that I was doing some updating of accounts and code and switching things around (nothing you'll see on the page but stuff that goes on behind the scenes.)

We're back from Maryland, school started last Tuesday, we had four birthdays within our extended family and soccer is in full swing for Liam as well as Rusty's coaching and training for Cincinnati United (formerly known as Lakota United.)

There will be a new post on Tuesday and now that school is back in session I plan on having those posts up on a regular basis again.  I really welcome your email and comments and photos.  And like I said, if you send me something but you don't want it posted in any way please let me know when you send it, ok?

Also, if you're interested in writing a post or issuing a challenge of your own?  You are more than welcome to let me know and we'll figure out when and how to put it up.  This isn't "my blog."  I want it to be a community project!  So let's see what happens, shall we?


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